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While born in Germany I spent the better part of my childhood in Brazil.

South America changed my perspective – from an exclusive to an inclusive view. From an either-or to an as-well-as approach. 

I graduated in Germany and in the US, where I was invited into the National Forensic League, the National Art Honor Society, and was rewarded a scholarship from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Instead of studying Art in the USA, I studied economics in Germany, with a stint in computer science, and an extra round in architecture. I first worked as an academic assistant of economics at the University of Konstanz and of 3D computer animation at the Fraunhofer Research Institute/ Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung in Darmstadt, before gaining a reputation as a concept and storyboard artist for projects I was doing in my free time.

In 2006 I started an international pro-bono project,, which resulted in 20 published books (so far)  and a nomination for the German Prize for Civil Engagement in 2013. I also turned to photography and painting, which let to several international exhibitions and publications in the past years, including an exhibition in the European Parliament.

Currently, I live in the small and idyllic city of Frankfurt am Main, right at the riverbank opposite to one of Germany's oldest museum foundations, the Städel Museum – famous for its collection of drawings by masters such as Rembrandt van Rijn. Our side of the river is dominated by the transition zone of the large and equally traditional Frankfurt Central railway station – claimed to be one of the most frequented in Europe – which stands now (2017on), more than ever, for a world facing change and the challenges that come with it.